Angels, Demons & Ghosts – Feng Shui & paranormal phenomena

Angels, Demon & Ghosts
Feng Shui and Paranormal Phenomena

In Asia there are unethical people running around scaring the horses. They tell their clients or their potential clients that they have ghosts! That they need an expensive ‘clearing’ ceremony to clear out these hungry ghosts who disrupt the energy of the household.

I personally have not seen ghosts, or angels or demons for that matter. I prefer to search for physical explanations for unexplained events first up. I never default to the ghost explanation.

There is an energy that is apparent when using a Luopan (Chinese Geomantic Compass). The needle on the luopan reacts in a particular way when severe yin qi is present. In fact I have had many experiences with this severe yin qi. The interesting thing is that underground water, specifically ‘black” streams will give a very similar reading. It is not exactly the same – there are subtle differences.

Electro-magnetic fields will often create areas of heightened charge. These areas attract dust particles and other opposite charged ions. This is explained beautifully in Cowen & Girdlestone’s book Safe as Houses. These areas of highly charged energy are often associated with paranormal phenomena.

I did a consultation with a couple who were convinced they had ghosts in the house. During the consult I measured the energy in the different rooms and found that the room with ‘the ghost’ gave me a paradoxical reading. I always use my luopan in each room to check what the deviation from the main door is and watch the reaction of the needle to determine the quality of qi in each of the rooms.

Their three month old baby was in this room. The babe was very disturbed, slept poorly, was failing to thrive, had allergies etc. I called in a friendly sparky (electrician), who respects my work. I was convinced that they had a high induced field around the house and that the ghost was of electro-magnetic origins. I got him to test the water pipes and the hot water cylinder and found that the 2 earth wires and the hot water cylinder were the origins of these phenomena.

When I presented this analysis to the clients they hated the idea that they did not have ghosts. They had become attached to the paranormal explanation and rejected entirely the physical evidence (the hot water cylinder was actually giving a read out of 18 volts). Unfortunately we did not have a Gauss Meter to demonstrate the EMF’s in the other rooms.

The clients and I parted company agreeing to disagree. I walked away shaking my head at the peculiarities of human beings. By the way – I stand by the quality of my advice, I charged them a small fee for wasting my time and left them and their family to what was before them. There are times when we are just not meant to be of assistance.

For more discussion about EMF’s you can get a copy of Feng Shui for your Classroom. I will also put together a reading list for people who are interested in getting more information about EMF’s and other subtle earth energies. Of course you can also visit Don Maish’s fabulous site.

For more information about Traditional Feng Shui you can check out the information on my web site.


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2 Responses to Angels, Demons & Ghosts – Feng Shui & paranormal phenomena

  1. Ian says:

    I was wondering where I should put my bed! Im in the master bedroom with my bed placed where my feet our facing the back door I have herd of demons taking your soul from the bottom of your feet, out the front door, does this apply to the back as well?
    I have been hearing noises and one night I was in a deep sleep and something was tryn to talk to me in my right ear I couldnt get up or move I was stuck.

    • vicki says:

      As I outline in the article – I do not default to a paranormal explanation for these phenomenon.

      I suggest that you get someone in your local area who can test for electro-magnetic fields before you assume that you are being affected by ‘ghosts’.

      I am not quite sure what you are saying about how you are sleeping. If you set your bedroom up so that your head is
      1) not on the wall with a toilet
      2) with your head on a solid wall
      3) with a headboard
      4) not exposed to a mirror that you can see when lying on your bed

      These are general considerations.

      Please let me know if you want any further help.

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